Open Bar and Omar S. It’s New Years Eve with Mister Saturday Night.

Holy cow. We’re out of the single digits of the 2000s. Come say goodbye to the first decade of the third millennium (Anno Domini); we had a good time, and it deserves a good send-off. We’re taking on the holiday with reckless abandon, tuning the killer sound system for maximum output, serving up free drinks all night long and playing the special, celebratory jams that are only fit for a night fueled by sparkling wine. Justin even has a New Orleans brass band version of Auld Lang Syne he might play before the ball drops, and we’re sure Eamon’s got something special up his sleeve.

And did we mention our special guest? His name is Omar S, and he’s one of the best DJs we’ve ever had at Mister Saturday Night or any other party we’ve thrown for that matter. We think he’ll be in a particularly celebratory mood, as 2009 was pretty good to him: It was the year he released his Fabric mix (RA’s vote for best mix CD for the year) and the year that he launched from being a staple of the Detroit underground to one of the most sought after DJs and producers in the world. He’ll drop his first record right after the ball drops. Happy New Year, indeed.

1142 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn // 10p – late, late, late // advance tickets available at – $40 until December 30 // $50 on the day of the party // $20 after 4a // more info // directions


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