Mister John Tejada

Mister Saturday Night is back at 1142 Myrtle for one last go round in 2009 before the New Year’s party. The wood has been worked in right by the soundsystem over the past few weeks, and everything is running like clockwork. Justin and Eamon are rocking nice, long sets of their favorite sundries, sometimes harder and sometimes softer; the open bar’s keeping things well oiled; and our special guests have been killing it.

Tonight our pal John Tejada is joining us allllll the way from the west coast. Known as a prolific producer, Tejada’s DJ sets are, to say the least, impressive. He masterfully strings together known themes from his own music with others beats and melodies, creating an experience that’s as brain-moving as it is hip-shaking.

1142 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn // $8 in advance from residentadvisor.net/mistersaturdaynight // $10 before midnight with rsvp to mister@mistersaturdaynight.com // $15 otherwise // 10p – late // more info // directions

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