Mister Saturday Night and The Revenge Get Chatty

Graeme Clark, aka The Revenge, is playing with us this weekend. We wanted to get to know him a little bit, so we had a chat with him this morning. This is how it went down.

Mister Saturday Night: You’re playing Mister Saturday Night this weekend. It’s at a loft in Brooklyn, and folks live there. Essentially it’s a big house party with a nice soundsystem. When was the last time you played at someone’s home, and how did the night end?
Graeme Clark: The last time I played at a house party was in London a few years ago, and it ended with me playing Neutron Dance by the Pointer Sisters. I’ll bring it with me and we’ll see how it goes down
MSN: We look forward to that… Will this be the first time you’ve played in New York?
GC: It’s the first time I’ve played in America!
MSN: Wow. Well, we’re honored to have you here in our country for the first time. Speaking of countries, you’re from Scotland. And you make dance music. Which makes us immediately think of our buddies JG Wilkes and Twitch over at Optimo. How, if at all, has what they’ve been doing over the years affected you?
GC: Optimo is a Sunday night institution in Glasgow. It was the first proper club night I started going to when I moved to Glasgow from Dunfermline 9 years ago. The spirit of eclecticism in Keith and Johnny’s selection has always been a refreshing perspective in an industry obsessed with genre and tempo.
MSN: You’ve had a great year this year and have been more than prolific with your production output. Will we see the same level of industry in 2010?
GC: I’ve got quite a few exciting projects lined up for next year including a 6th Borough Project album with my friend Craig Smith for Delusions Of Grandeur. I’ve got some great remixes on board for Instruments Of Rapture too as well as a few of my own remixes for other labels including Dessous, Endless Flight, Om, Z Records and a few others.
MSN: Can you tell us about your choice of nom-de-plum? Is there a story behind the name ‘The Revenge’?
GC: That’s between me and my dawg.
MSN: Fair enough. We’ll be slightly less personal then.Whose productions are you feeling right now?
GC: Oooh … loads … too many to mention … but I would say that label-wise I love what Under The Shade, Permanent Vacation, Mule, Delusions Of Grandeur, Home Taping, Drumpoet Community and Electric Minds are doing. The producers they are involved with are knocking out some fantastic material.
MSN: Well, we’re looking forward to hearing you play some of them with Justin and Eamon. We’ll see you this weekend, Mister Revenge.

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