Thank You Optimo

On The Road Again

Eamon and Justin are hitting the road this week, along the way playing Plastic People with Floating Points and Hung Up at Sub Club for Optimo. If you’re in Berlin, London or Glasgow, stop in and say hello.

Mixes from Mister Saturday Night & Optimo

About a month ago we closed out the summer at our sister party Sunday Best with two of the most memorable parties of the year. The first of the two saw our friends Optimo play a blinding set which has been the source of many an excitable conversation around these parts since.

Then, the week after, a large and enthusiastic crowd came out to see Justin and Eamon playing back to back as ‘Mister Saturday Night’ and take the series home alongside sets from Sunday Best’s third resident Doug Singer. And so here, with much pleasure, we provide both sets for your downloading pleasure.

Optimo Live from Sunday Best on August 29, 2010
Mister Saturday Night Live from Sunday Best on September 5, 2010

[first photo by Jess Erickson, second photo by ???]

Optimo at The Best

It was one of many highlights of the summer – the occasion where Optimo and Mister Saturday Night rubbed shoulders at our sister party Sunday Best. We stumbled across some great footage from the day, so we just had to share it with you.


There were a lot of great moments that went down on Sunday–Kendra Borowski dumping a pitcher of water over her own head, Eamon standing on a planter behind the DJ booth shooting a strobe light onto the crowd, Traxx (who was in town from Chicago) screaming his face off for what must have been five minutes in front of the DJ booth when Twitch dropped a Jeff Mills track, and Justin doing his own screaming through a giant (dirty) traffic cone.

But the most epic moment of all was probably when, as Optimo dropped their namesake track by Liquid Liquid, Sal P (the Liquids’ frontman) happened to be dancing right next to the DJ booth. Of course we handed him the mic. Jason Rule, a gent who’s joined us at the vast majority of all Sunday Bests ever, caught it on camera.