DJ Mag Podcast Live From Mister Sunday

© Natalie Keyssar 2012

Justin and Eamon contributed a recent mix recorded live from Mister Sunday to the DJ Mag podcast.

Justin and Eamon Live From Mister 100

Two Sundays ago we celebrated our 100th Mister ever. There was free ice cream, there were balloons, and there was even one of these guys. Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin DJed, and at the end of the night, there was a surprise performance from Brooklyn Steppers Marching Band. Thankfully our friend, Adam Kill Screen, caught the last two and a half hours on tape, and we’ve now converted it for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

Resident Advisor Podcast

Eamon and Justin did this week’s edition of Resident Advisor’s Podcast series. It’s really good. You can listen to the mix on soundcloud below and read an interview with the boys by clicking on the picture above. Enjoy!

Eamon and Justin on Little White Earbuds

Last week Eamon and Justin sat down with Little White Earbuds’ Chris Miller to have a chat. Their full conversation can be found HERE and the mix they contributed for the 108th edition of LWE’s podcast, is just below. Enjoy.

A Mister Mix for Juno Plus

Eamon and I both by a lot of records from Juno (don’t worry, we buy local, too), so when we got a request from Juno Plus to do the August edition of their podcast, we jumped at it. The mix is from the early hours of a party back in April at 12-turn-13. We’re keeping it moody.