Chez Damier

Pretty Pictures

French illustrator and photographer Lucie Clement has done a series of drawings about New York. We’re happy to see we made a nice impression on her. The whole group is very cool. You can check them here.

note. We talked to Lucie, and she told us that this drawing was specifically made after she came to the party over the summer that we did in the rain with Chez Damier.

illustration by Lucie Clement

Other Nights of the Week: Getting Inflated for Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving week, and we’re taking it easy. I’m out in San Fran with my Mom, and Eamon’s headed to Ireland to visit his folks (and play a party in his hometown of Derry). If you’re itching for something to do in the city this week, here are a couple picks, probably what we’d be doing if we were around. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving, and we’ll see you for roller skating next Friday!
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As well as being obsessed with the originators and creators of the music we love, we also find ourselves infatuated with the history and legend of the great places that provided the platform for pivotal times in music's history. The Music Institute is one such place. For a relatively short but vitally important time, the seminal club provided Detroit a space to match the music being created here. . . . Read on

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