Sylvester Is My Hero

I played this song on Sunday, and it’s put me on a major Sylvester kick this week. Dude was exactly who and what he wanted to be: tall, strong and physically imposing, delicately beautiful, firey like a pentecostal preacher, flashy like a disco queen. There was and has been no one like him since he died from AIDS complications at the way-too-young age of forty-one in the late 80s.

His version of ‘Southern Man’ isn’t just the definitive version of Neil Young’s song because of how musically perfect it is; it’s because it was UNBELIEVABLY ballsy for a six-foot-something black man in women’s clothes to open his DEBUT record, in 1973 no less, by wailing out these lyrics in the strongest falsetto anyone’s ever heard: “Southern man better keep your head. Don’t forget what your good book said. Southern change gonna come at last. Now your crosses are burning fast. / I saw cotton, and I saw black. Tall white mansions and little shacks. Southern man, when will you pay them back?”

Sylvester is my hero.

Back To Saturday Night

The Mister steps out for his first Saturday Night since April. Things have been good during the daytime, but we like-a the nightlife, too. This time we’ll be headed back to the Bell House, using both of the rooms for maximum roominess (front room for hanging, back room for dancing). Eamon and Justin will play records all night, and there will be balloons.

House Party: Friday Night Edition

If you missed tickets to the Mister Saturday Night House Party we’re doing as a part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival, we’ve got some good news; we’ve made special arrangements to throw another house party on Friday, May 23. (Hooray!) Everything will be the same – dinner served; performances by Malang Jobarte and Archie Pelago in the living room; DJ sets from General Ludd, Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter in the basement rec room; Gunnar Haslam playing records on the hi-fi; a pool table. Grab your tickets for the Friday Night edition on May 23rd right here.

Back To Glasslands

Mister Saturday Night returns to Glasslands for another intimate affair. Jeff Ralston, our lighting and inflatable designer extraordinaire, will be cooking up something special to make the space feel good, and Eamon and Justin are digging extra deep into their record collections. The party starts at 10pm and goes to 5am. At the time we’re writing this, we’re nearly sold out, so it’s best to get a ticket soon here. If you’re reading this and we’re sold out already, all hope’s not lost. We’ll let in a handful of people when the doors open, and, space permitting, we’ll open the doors again at 1am.We’re looking forward to seeing you in the evening again. Until then.

Mister Saturday Night Radio: Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter on NTS

Originally broadcast on NTS on March 28, 2014 from New York City. Almost all of the tracks are IDed by Eamon and Justin during the show, so just keep your ears peeled if you want to know what tune you’re listening to.

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