Mister Sunday 2019/2020 Indoor Season

From November through April, Mister Sunday’s going monthly indoors at Nowadays. The season starts on November 10th with Musclecars taking the reins all day. Justin and Eamon will do an all-dayer on December 15th, and the rest of the season sees E&J share deck time with Galcher Lustwerk, DJ Heather, and Shanti Celeste. Then you come in and make it a party.

If you’re missing the Nowadays back yard, don’t worry. It’ll be fully kitted out for the winter with the yurt, some warming stations and probably some blankets. Diner by the Izakaya will be on delicious food duty. (They start serving at noon, so you can come down before the party starts if you wanna spend 100% of your time on the dance floor.)

If you’re still hankering to dance during the day on Sunday when we’re not doing a party, there’s a Sunday jam at Nowadays every week, even when we’re not Mistering. Honcho, Soul Summit, Ciel and The Carry Nation are all taking turns in the next couple months. You can see the full Nowadays schedule here.

You can find all the announced dates of the Mister Sunday season here. We’ll announce each new date about six weeks before it happens so you have plenty of time to plan. We’re looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor.

Mister Sunday 2019 Outdoor Season

Starting on May 12th, we’ll be dancing in the sunshine every single Sunday. Eamon and Justin will preside, and special guests Beta Librae, FNV, Honcho, Josey Rebelle, Lex Rodriguez, Octo Octa, Optimo, Physical Therapy, Soul Summit, Tama Sumo and Theo Parrish will take turns controlling the Mister system. You, of course, will set the vibe on the floor.

Tickets for the first eight dates of the season are up now, and, for the first time ever, we’re doing season passes. If you come most weeks, these are for you!

Mister Sunday: London

We’re doing a party in London on Sunday, January 27th. If you’re on that side of the pond, come dance with us. If you’ve got friends in those parts, give ’em the word. Tickets are here.

Mister Sunday: Last Dance

It’s the last Sunday dance of the season.

The weather will be crisp, and the sun will be shining. (Fun fact: it rained or looked like it was going to rain at literally half of our parties this year, so we are stoked about the sun.) Put on your sweater and your jacket, and come get down with us. We’ll have some mulled wine and cider at the bar and probably have some fire pits set up for a proper autumnal vibe.

Our final Mister of the outdoor season tends to be a busy one, so if you’re coming, it’s not a bad idea to get a ticket in advance. Or pop down early with an RSVP, and get in for fifteen bones.

No matter how you do it, we hope to see you here.

Mister Halloween Night

Nighttime, outdoors, warm drinks, cold drinks, Nitemind, fire pits, Eamon Harkin, Justin Carter, costumes (no slacking), dope jams. It’s Mister Halloween Night.

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