The End Is Nigh


The Mayan calendar is about to end, and Quetzalcoatl is coming back on a raft of snakes to either a) bring destruction upon all the Earth or b) elevate the consciousness of humanity. (Or nothing will happen.) No matter what, we bring you Mister Halloween Night: Apocalypto, a run down of what to do when the real apocalypse happens.

Our favorite loft, 12-turn-13, is being transformed into 2012-turn-13, a temple dedicated to ancient, yet timeless rituals like dancing and dressing up in ridiculous but painstakingly detailed costumes. Shamans Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter will utter incantations, mystical forms will be conjured by the High Priest of The Sense Society, and creatures from the underworld, EnSubtitles, will rise for a but a few moments to perform a transformational ceremony.

Apocalyptic outfits will be rewarded with an on-the-house drink. We are equal opportunity apocalypsers, so don’t feel limited to Maya. Think giant asteroid, dinosaur extinction (there’s got to be a good Barney The Dinosaur costume in here somewhere), alien attack, ice age or rapture. If you need some inspiration, remember the great apocalyptic films: The War of the Worlds, Dr. Strangelove, Night of the Living Dead, Planet of the Apes, Mad Max. Remember, group costumes please the gods and not dressing up at all angers them.Speaking of the End, it’s also the last Mister Sunday of the season.

We never know from year to year if we’ll be able to come back to the Gowanus again, so every closing party is particularly special. This year that’s doubly true, as it’s been the best season we’ve ever had. We’ll work hard to bring Mister Sunday back to Gowanus Grove or some other equally special place next year, but today, we’re going to focus on soaking in those last rays of sunshine on the dancefloor under the poplars.

In honor of Halloween, our closing party is doubling as a Mister Masquerade. We’ll have some Halloween happenings for the young folk, and we’ll have mulled wine at the bar for the grown-ups. And if you wear a costume, you’re in for $10 whether you show up before or after 5pm.

Purchasing tickets ahead of time is always highly encouraged (especially for this Saturday), so to guarantee your entry, please pick one up here. As always, you can RSVP to both parties at mister@mistersaturdaynight.com for reduced entry before 12am (Saturday) and 5pm (Sunday), as long as there’s space available.

The Halloween Mix CD

For this weekend’s Halloween party, we’ve made a Mister Saturday Night mix CD with special packaging by Jessica Grindstaff. Jessica’s decorating 12-turn-13 especially for the evening, and the packaging will be themed in line with how she outfits the space. The first hundred or so people through the door will get a copy… and then they’re gone. Tracklisting after the jump.
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Other Nights of the Halloweek

This Saturday, we’ve got a party. But not just any party; it’s Halloween, and we’re dressing things up more than usual at 12-turn-13. While we’re hanging the decorations from the ceilings and filling up the bathtub for apple-bobbing, our minds will be elsewhere – it’s a good week to go out in New York.

For our more cerebral side, there’s an orchestral tribute to Italian-Jewish writer/chemist Primo Levi at Asia Society; and for the side of us that likes to get weirded out, there’s a reading by Oxbow singer, Eugene Robinson, who is insane (see picture above). Thursday, from 5 to 7 at Other Music, a photo exhibition about the Magnetic Fields opens, and Stephin Merritt, the band’s leader, plays the background music.

Fabulous Diamonds, a two-piece drone band with slow-chugging drums and effect-laden analog synths, plays Todd P’s Monster Island Basement on Friday, and on Sunday, the day after our Hallowed affair, the real Halloween takes place, again with Mister P. He’s got a big show happening at the Ridgewood Masonic Temple with Janka Nabay, the Sierra Leonese king of Bubu Music. Finally, Jonathan Richman helps you come down on Monday. Details for everything after the jump. . . . Read on

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    Official Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday parties are in bold below. Other dates are tourdates for Eamon and/or Justin.

    Friday, January 27th // Planetarium with Shore Live and Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin DJing // at the secret hi-fi loft // $25 // Sold Out

    Sunday, January 29th // Mister Sunday with Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin // at a secret but familiar location // $20 // advance tickets and more info

    Friday, February 3rd // Flux's 6th Birthday with Justin, Benjamin Damage, Mike Dehnert & Moxie at Beaver Works // Leeds, UK // advance tickets and more info

    Friday, February 24th // Planetarium with Jason Lindner Live, Marika Hughes Live, Justin Carter DJing and Live and Eamon Harkin DJing // at the secret hi-fi loft // $25 // advance tickets and more info

    Sunday, February 26th // Mister Sunday with Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin // at Shea Stadium // $20 // more info coming soon

    Saturday, April 15th // Percolate with Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter with Dark Sky Live // at Hidden // Manchester, UK // advance tickets and more info

    Saturday, July 29th // Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin at Panorama with Too Many Acts To Mention // at Randall's Island // NYC // advance tickets and more info