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Silent Sunday


Mister Sunday lands at Silent Barn, the best little DIY gallery/barber shop/record store/party space in all the land. There will be food; drinks will be cheap; Justin Carter and Eamon will play those Sunday afternoon and evening tunes; and fun will be plentiful. Only thing is that Silent Barn is really small, so get a ticket quick, because this will sell out.

Ballroom Dancing

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The Mister takes over the high-ceilinged ballroom of The Bell House. We’re bringing in our own soundsystem, hanging the lights, and Eamon and Justin are playing records from 10pm until the end. The party tends to sell out in advance these days, so it’s wise to buy a ticket in advance.

We’ll see you on the dancefloor.

NOTE: We’re just a couple days away from this weekend’s party at The Bell House, and we’re getting stoked. Advance tickets sold out for this one late last week, so if you don’t have a ticket already, here’s what we’re going to do:

When the doors open at 10pm, we’ll have a handful of tickets for sale. We imagine those will go pretty quickly, so it’s a good idea to show up early. Otherwise, we’ll have a look at the dancefloor at 1am, and if it feels comfortable, we’ll start letting more people in around then. The Bell House is large, and we’re optimistic that we’ll have some room later on.

It’s probably also a good time to remind you that we’re doing Mister Sunday at Silent Barn on the 16th of March. If you want to come, it’s a good idea to get tickets for that party now.

That’s all for now… We’ll see you soon!

Mister In Europe



We’re on the road again this week for four dates in Europe including two Mister Saturday Night parties in Glasgow and Belfast. Tickets for the Glasgow party, this weekend, can be had here whilst full details of the Belfast party, the weekend after, are here.

We’ll also be playing in London this Friday, the 7th, with Optimo and Bradley Zero at Bussey Building in Peckham for Deadly Rhythm for what looks to be a great party. Details and tickets here. And then on the 14th we’ll be popping over to Hamburg to play all night at the Golden Pudel, one of our favorite spots to play.

We hope to see you out!

New To Us

We hope you’re having a great new year. 2014 has been a busy one for us thus far. We’ve been gearing up for a string of new releases on the label and searching for some new spaces as 12-turn-13 works out some kinks.

For our next party, we’re taking over Glasslands. We’re redecorating the space and bringing in our own soundsystem, so even if you’ve been there before, expect it to feel totally different (and just as good as any loft party we’ve ever thrown).

Looking forward to trying something new with you…

UPDATE: Advanced tickets have now sold out. We’ll have a very limited number at the door at 11:30pm, so we’d suggest you get down early. We may admit more people through the course of the night, space permitting, but we’re trying out Glasslands for the first time, and we want to keep it comfortable, so we’ll see how the night goes and how the room feels. See you on Saturday.

The Mister Rules

10This is Mister Saturday Night. Welcome. These are the rules of the house.

1. First and foremost, enjoy yourself.

2. At the door, keep in mind that the cover is really the cover. Everyone likes a deal, but throwing parties has its costs, and we need your help to make it happen. If you’re supposed to be on the guestlist but you’re not, don’t give the doorman a hard time. He’s heard a lot of stories, and though yours might be true, the only thing he has to go on is what’s in front of him. (Truth be told, we don’t often have a guestlist anyhow.)

3. Please don’t bring your own drinks into the party. Drinks at the bar are cheap anyway.

4. Be nice to everyone. Obviously. Tip well. Say excuse me if you bump into someone.

5. If someone’s making you feel uncomfortable in any way, please let someone who’s working know. We will nip it in the bud.

6. Please don’t use cameras and phones on the dancefloor, and leave bulky handbags at home or, when it’s cold outside and we have it, in coat check. We ask that you not use cameras and phones because we want the dancefloor to be a place where everyone can be in the moment. If you’re tweeting, texting or taking a picture of your friends, you’re not only out of the moment, you also might be making it hard for someone else to be in the moment.

7. Please smoke outside. (And when we’re outdoors, please smoke off of the dancefloor.)

8. Our DJ booth sits right next to the dancefloor. If you lean on it, run into it, or bump it, records will start skipping. Please be careful of it.

9. When DJs are in the booth, it may not always look like it, but they’re working. Even if they’re not actively mixing, they’re surveying the dancefloor, thinking about what to play next, and trying to make sure that the music stays just right. It’s okay to ask them what song they’re playing, but beyond that, please save conversations for when they’re out of the booth.

10. The DJs at the Mister have a particular musical vision. Please don’t make requests.

11. Finally, we realize that, as you’re cool enough to take the time to read through our list of rules, you’re likely on the same page as us already. We’re an open door kind of party, though, and sometimes there are new people who aren’t bad folks but don’t yet understand what the Mister is all about. If you feel like someone doesn’t know the scoop, it’s okay to tell them – in a nice way, of course. This party is yours, and if you can help bring newcomers into the fold of what we’re doing, it’ll make things even better than they already are. If you’re not comfortable talking to someone directly, that’s cool, too. Just tell a security guard, or really any staff member, and they can steer people in the right direction.

Thanks for reading. We’re glad you’re with us. We hope you enjoy yourself.

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    April 26th / Mister Saturday Night at Glasslands, Brooklyn with Justin Carter & Eamon Harkin / 10pm to 5am / 21+ / more info

    May 11th / Mister Sunday at The Oval Space, London with Justin Carter & Eamon Harkin / 4pm to midnight / more info

    May 17th / Justin Carter & Eamon Harkin at Forward DC, Washington DC / more info

    May 24th / The Mister Saturday Night House Party, A Red Bull Music Academy Festival New York Special at Mister Saturday Night's House / 21+ / more info coming soon