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planetarium_threeSince we started Mister Saturday Night, we’ve been trying to create the best environment to connect people to each other through music. That energy has all been focused on the dancefloor.

Recently, though, we’ve been thinking about all the music we love that’s not for dancing, and we’ve been working on a way to experience that music that is as immersive and communal as being with others on a dancefloor. In about two-and-a-half weeks we’re starting something that aims to do that. It’s called Planetarium.

For the first Planetarium, we’ve reserved an amazing private loft space with a beautiful hi-fi system on which we’ll be playing music to get lost in. There will be couches and chairs, and you can bring blankets, sleeping bags, pillows or anything else you’d like to make yourself comfortable. We’ll only do a handful of reservations so that there’s plenty of room to spread out.

The session will go from 7pm to midnight on Friday, June 24th. You can bring your own drinks (there’s no bar), and there will be a space reserved for smoking inside so you never have to leave the bubble we’re creating.

Because we’re doing this at someone’s home, we’ll only send the location info to people who reserve a ticket in advance. So you know how to plan, we can tell you it’s not too far from Nowadays, less than five minutes from the Halsey L.

Tickets are here. Because we’re trying to leave a lot of space to stretch out, there aren’t a ton of them. It’s a good idea to reserve early.

We really can’t wait to share some music with you in this new way.

Mister Sunday Comes Home

Hey, folks. Below are the details for this summer’s outdoor Mister Sunday season.

Before we get into it, though, let us take a moment to say how good it feels to know, after years of being unsure where Mister Sunday would be from one summer to the next, that we have a home of our own, a place we’ll be for years to come. We’re excited to get settled in.

The first Mister Sunday of the summer will be on May 15th. It’ll happen every weekend from then until the end of October.

The party will still run from 3pm to 9pm, still have our friends from Country Boys serving up huaraches (along with Nowadays’ in-house victuals), and it’ll still be all ages, pet-on-leash-friendly and dance-centric.

One new thing is that it’ll cost $20 to get in. We don’t take raising the price lightly, but since we started charging $15 in 2013, our costs for throwing the party have gone up, and now that we’re in Nowadays, which is smaller than Industry City, we need to fill the gap a little. Good news is that we’ll still do a $10 early bird ticket for folks on a tight budget.

On Nowadays being smaller than Industry City: for the past few years, the first Mister Sundays of the season have been très populaire. With the limited capacity at the ‘days, we’re near certain we’ll sell out in advance for at least the first three parties. Get tickets now. You will be happy you did.

Okee doke. That’s all for now. We’ll talk to you soon!

The Last Shea

Every party we’ve done at Shea Stadium this winter season has been crucial. Come down for one last dance before we bid the place adieu. Sunday, April 17th. Tickets are here.

Sunday, London Sunday

Picking up where we left off at the church of St. John at Hackney, the Mister is back at Oval Space in early April for our first Sunday party in London in 2016.

Those Sundays in Bethnal Green last year were loads of fun, so there’s no fussing with the formula – it’s soul food on the terrace, a toasty sound system with plenty of oversize balloons inside, and Eamon and Justin at the controls through the afternoon and into the night.

We get psyched about the above anyway, but the fact that it’s all correlated with the clocks springing forward has us more excited than ever about the prospect of another one of those sun-drenched dancefloor experiences…

So yes, the forecast is looking good from our side!

We’re looking forward to seeing you there. Basic info and a link to tickets is over on the right. If you’re not in London but know folks there, spread the word.

Hello Friends: A New Party with Anthony Naples

HelloFriends copy
Hello Friends. It’s Anthony Naples’ new party in New York City. Tony mans the turntables, lights and sound effects all night. Team Mister supplies the sound and the nice security guys. This is the first one. It’s at Silent Barn.

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    Friday, June 10th // Eamon and Justin at Concrete // Paris, France

    Saturday, June 11th // Eamon and Justin at the Big Love festival // Rennes, France

    Sunday, June 12th // Mister Sunday at Nowadays with Duane Harriott, Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter // 56-06 Cooper Ave between Wyckoff and Irving // advance tickets and more info

    Sunday, June 19th // Mister Sunday at Nowadays // 56-06 Cooper Ave between Wyckoff and Irving // advance tickets and more info

    Friday, June 24th // Planetarium: A New Listening Experience // At A Secret Location with a Beautiful Hi-Fi // Address Will Be Sent To Ticketholders Before the Session // advance tickets and more info

    Sunday, June 26th // Mister Sunday at Nowadays // 56-06 Cooper Ave between Wyckoff and Irving // advance tickets and more info

    Friday, July 8th // Justin and Eamon at Electric Elephant Festival // Tisno, Croatia

    Saturday, July 9th // Eamon and Justin at Sunfall Festival // London, England