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Looking Back on 2016: Justin Carter

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. And now I understand what they meant. Here are the things that brought a smile to my face in an often tumultuous 2016.

Earth Disciples “Peace, Love and Harmony” In February, I went to Jamaica. Most of the trip was spent in Port Antonio (Piggy’s forever), but one day, my friend Corey and I did a trip to Kingston to dig for records and check out the Trenchtown Culture Yard. As we walked through the yard, we saw a group of guys sitting in a window across the way. When we got close, our guide walked us into the room behind them, where there was a little studio, with a man named Ziggy at the controls. He played us a couple solo pieces from an album he’d done recently, and then he called in the guys from the window. Turns out that the three of them were Earth Disciples, the first band Marley recorded in Tuff Gong other than his own. (I did a little internet sleuthing and found this article about them pasted into a message board.) Over thirty years later, they’ve still got it. (If you wanna hear the original tune, this is it.)

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Mister New Year’s Eve

It’s New Year’s Eve with the Mister. We’re doing it at a small loft we use off the L train. The floors are wood, and the room sounds great. No big flashy lights or open bars, just a cell phone-free dancefloor and a handful of good people getting lost in the tunes.

Tickets are here. You’ll notice that we’re keeping it mysterious on the ticketing page – that’s because we wanna keep it intimate. We figure that if you’re looking here on our homepage, you’re familiar with what we do. If not, just check our rules, and make sure they sound good to you, and if so, come ring in the year with us.

Mister New Year’s Day

We’re doing something different for this New Year’s celebration. Instead of a big, nighttime blowout, we’ve reserved a small loft (a perhaps familiar second-floor space with wood floors, good sound, inexpensive drinks, and an outdoor balcony for a chat and fresh air), and we’re doing a New Year’s Day Mister Sunday.

New Year’s Eve parties can get crazy, and this year, more than ever, we want to ring it in with a dancefloor that’s really tuned in. We thought a daytime party on the 1st would be the best way to do that.

You can get tickets here. We’ll send the address out to ticket-holders with ample time to make plans, but don’t worry, if you’ve been to a Mister Sunday indoors, you’ll know the spot – it’s really easy to get to.

That’s all for now. We’ll see ya soon.

Beautiful Mister

It’s the last party of our series at Silent Barn. To close it out, we’ve invited down Beautiful Swimmers to play with Eamon. The Swimmers are Max D and Ari Goldman, two guys that have had substantial influence on modern dancefloor tastes, not only through their own masterful DJ sets but also through their productions, through Max’s label Future Times, and through Ari’s presence at the hallowed Earcave record shop in DC.

The guys will be sharing the whole evening with Eamon, and we’ll all be sharing in a very, very good time. Tickets are here. See you there.

Planetarium with Josh Dunn, Gunnar Haslam and Justin Carter: A Playlist

A couple Fridays back, Josh Dunn and I DJed the fourth edition of Planetarium, with Gunnar Haslam playing live. We recorded the night, but sadly, the file was corrupted, so we’re reverting to the playlist format again. We hope you find some tunes you love inside. Josh played some amazing stuff that I had to scoop up. Next Planetarium is at the end of January. We’ll be in touch via the Mister email list when the time comes to announce. Make sure you’re signed up if you wanna come. (JC)

John Adams – Phrygian Gates
Wendell Harrison – Where Am I [In the playlist is the entire album. The original song isn’t available on its own on youtube.]
Chris Swansen – Moondog Can You Hear Me?
Pere Ubu – Blow Daddy-o
Benjamin Lew, Steven Brown – Passage / De L’Autre Côté Du Fleuve
Mdou Moctar – Tahoultine
Nico Muhly – Skip Town
Steve Reich and Pat Metheny – Electric Counterpoint
King Crimson – Waiting Man
Herbie Hancock – Come Running To Me
Dirg Gerner – Vicious Cycle
Black Star – Thieves In The Night
Theo Parrish – Brain
Kelan Phil Cohran – Theme
Juju – Morning [not on youtube, but here’s the vinyl and the live recording from which it was booted]
Jacob Collier – In My Room
C.W. Vrtacek – Tumbling


Iasos – Maha-Splendor
Arthur Russell – All-Boy All-Girl
Maxmillion Dunbar – Shampoo
Ash Ra Tempel – Amboss (Ausschnitt) [version in playlist is the full album version, while the one played was the edited version from this comp]
Todd Modes – Knossos
Terry Riley – In The Summer
Joan Bibiloni – Sa Fosca
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Milan, 1909. [not on youtube, but here’s the album]
Cherry Garcia – Mystic Mountain [not on youtube, but here’s the EP]
Peter Davison – Morning Meditation
Clerestory – Funeral Ikos
Leon Russell – A Song For You
Chris Whitley – Altitude
Bob Dylan – John Brown (Live on the MTV Unplugged Album) [not on youtube, but you can watch the video here]
Paul Simon – Hearts and Bones
Michael Ozone – Oxygen
Minor Science – Glamour
DJ Koze – Kuschelrock
Womack and Womack – My Dear (The Letter)
Matthew Herbert – Wake Up [not on youtube, but here’s the EP]
Underground Resistance – Big Stone Lake
Rachel Sweet – It’s So Different Here
Shriekback – Hapax Legomena [not available on youtube, but here’s the album]
Eddie Kendricks – My People… Hold On
Glenn Branca – Lightfield (In Consonance)
Silver Apples – Program
Justin Carter – Know It All
James Blake – I Hope My Life (1-800 Mix)
Conrad Schnitzler – N1 [not available on youtube, but here’s the album]
Butch Morris – Current Trends In Racism In Modern America Part Two
Can – Dizzy Dizzy
Kid Bailey – Rowdy Blues
Otis G. Johnson – I Got It [not available on youtube, but here’s the album]
Odyssey – Who
Wendell Harrison – Pink Snowballs And Violet Skies
Tata Vega – Magic Feeling
Sunrise Ltd. – Our Love Will Grow
Mr. Complex – Desire
Kevin Harrison – Some Aspect of Music [not available on youtube, but here’s the album]
Pattie Rosemon With Frank and Odie Rosemon – I Heard The Voice of Jesus Say
Magic Dragon – Objet Du Desire
Brian Eno With Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno – Silver Morning [full album is on the youtube playlist, not just the single song]
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